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Dignify Your Team!

Bring out the best in your employees by bringing dignity into the workplace.

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How dignify Works

Dignify begins with operational leaders participating in a series of Coaching Modules designed to fully implement dignify into the organization within a few months. They become experts in understanding not only the system, but properly interpreting the dignify Snapshot which is created through a short survey process. It's not a personality test and there is no pass or fail. Employees are presented the 56 known Dignity Traits. These are emotional triggers, not personality types. Traits like: Good on Stage, Organized, Sincere at Heart, Good Listener and Independent, to name a few. The survey takes less than fifteen minutes to complete, on average, and produces a dignify Snapshot. The data gained from the survey is loaded into an intuitive engine which makes the information actionable and sustainable. Features are listed below.

Why dignify?

Have you ever tried to grow company engagement? Perhaps you tried team-building events, employee surveys and even personality tests? Do you feel like you're throwing darts because these efforts have moments of promise and then die?

If you feel this way, you're not alone. Dignify was built for you. The answer to employee engagement, retention, healthy communication and productivity is collected into one system, dignify. It is scientifically proven that stress is the #1 reason people quit jobs, departments miss goals and overall company progress is stifled.

Dignify is a system that leaders use to install an intentional dignity-based culture which strengthens communication, promotes healthy feedback and strengthens cooperation. The dignify engine is accountable, trackable and sustainable.

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The dignify Snapshot

Understanding the dignify Snapshot takes just a little training. Employees gain access to what's good and positive about them, creating a feeling of being dignified. They learn how their dignity makes them unique. Text and video explanations are provided for self-learning. Certainly everyone has their shortcomings, but that is reserved for their leader to coach. The responsibility of the system is to leave the employee feeling great about themselves.

Employees also gain access to dignify Snapshots of colleagues, so they can get to know them better, creating an awareness that was never available before. Dignify's survey results are high level and positive, not a deep psychological assessment, therefore revealing the rules for communicating effectively for each unique person.

For leaders who work with a certified dignify Coach, the Snapshot reveals the WHY, WHAT and HOW of every person:

  • Why they behave the way they do.
  • What motivates them.
  • How to effectively communicate with them.

Employees engage in regular Check-Ins

We believe that managers must meet one-on-one with employees to properly mentor, guide and instruct them. If your organization does not share this belief or is not open to it, then dignify is not for you. The Check-In is the main activity that increases retention by reducing tension between people. The Check-In is a 20-minute conversation between two people, which is guided intuitively by the dignify system. The conversation begins with Dignity (discussing the likes and dislikes of communication) and ends with Operational Improvements, which allows for customization for the company administrators.

For the first time, managers, who have little to no Soft Skills, will be guided in how to better communicate with those they lead. Misunderstandings quickly dissolve and understanding is created. Emotional needs are discussed in a black and white, logical way by triggering the brain's logic centers. Top leaders receive reports on the activity and quality of these interactions. Now, when managers say they are meeting with their direct reports, you have a tangible record of it.


You cannot improve what you cannot track. Dignify tracks activity and provides quality reports. You can compare individual, department or location performance in a simple-to-view report. When introducing any program, there needs to be accountability built in. The key is in providing employees immediate gratification for participating. Dignify is Gamified! This simply means employees who engage in the system will be immediately recognized and rewarded. They earn points, which lead to trophies for completing various activities. This is a proven practice for gaining engagement. Dignify also creates a Top 5 Performers list, creating healthy competition for the managers who participate.


Have you ever had something you needed to share with another person that could be perceived as negative? Or, have you ever sent email requests to co-workers and they don't reply? You and everyone else in business! Dignify's messaging tool was built on two familiar adages, "It's not what you said, it's how you said it," and "Now you're speaking my language!"

Remember that original survey the employee completed in the beginning? That data is repurposed and delivered in a simple feature that allows you to be aware of the words that dignify and create understanding within a person. Now you literally can speak their language by saying what you want to say, but using their words to say it. Leaders have reported an 80% faster response rate when using the messaging tool with people who ordinarily take a long time to respond.

No more emotional energy needs to be spent wondering how you're going to deliver information to a person. Now you know and can effectively communicate with anyone in your account using dignify!