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Dignify is taught in a way that is simple to understand. Everyone from senior leaders to first time supervisors catch on quickly to the training and user-friendly platform. They learn how to communicate effectively with every unique employee, track their engagement and build stronger relationships.



You can't improve what you don't track. Dignify tracks the activity and progress in building an intentional culture based on dignity. When a person feels dignified and respected at work, productivity and cooperation dramatically increase. Simple-to-read reports are sent to managers monthly so they can track their progress.



Dignify, over the last five years, has a 94% sustainability rate. Companies who engage with dignify stick with dignify. Why? It gets results in the form of lower turnover, higher engagement and quick conflict resolution. When you install dignify, you are installing an intentional culture engine.

“... just what this team needed to ‘jump-start’ the team’s direction. Team members rated the program as ‘fantastic’ and ‘spot-on’ ... the most effective organizational communication tool I have experienced.”

Brett, Kraft Foods

“I would go on record stating our turnover has significantly decreased from approximately 350% to 125%. Our team member performance has significantly increased.”

Tim, Great American Cookies

“Our company uses our vast employment base and Dignify to fill roles. Finding the right person for the right role is now far less complicated when you know what drives them! We can place new hires correctly in 6-8 minutes versus 6-8 months!”

Joanna, Monterey Mushrooms

“I'm excited to have Dignify as our new way to communicate on a regular basis. It will help us gage how we are performing, catch conflicts before they escalate and let us know what is going well.”

Chris, Eis Implement

Why dignify?

Have you ever tried to grow company engagement? Perhaps you tried team-building events, employee surveys and even personality tests? Do you feel like you're throwing darts because these efforts have moments of promise and then die?

If you feel this way, you're not alone. Dignify was built for you. The answer to employee engagement, retention, healthy communication and productivity is collected into one system, dignify. It is scientifically proven that stress is the #1 reason people quit jobs, departments miss goals and overall company progress is stifled.

Dignify is a system that leaders use to install an intentional dignity-based culture which strengthens communication, promotes healthy feedback and strengthens cooperation. The dignify engine is accountable, trackable and sustainable.

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Maximize Employee Talent

Do you truly understand the potential that is within each of your unique employees? How would you like to know their true potential? It's possible with dignify. Dignify reveals to you a person's inner talents. When an employee's job role aligns with their natural inner drive, engagement will follow and execution will be maximized.

Typical re-organizational practices are difficult for employers. They tend to focus on the role each employee plays currently in the organization. With dignify, you open your options. It's a game-changer.

When a new hire joins your team and then completes their dignify survey, you will know in just a few minutes how to mentor them for success. Their rules of engagement will be laid out in black and white. No more guessing. Our Check-In system ensures their manager will be reminded what motivates their direct report. Conversations around dignity will then be pointed to conversations around operational excellence.

For the first time, companies can ensure their managers have what they need by creating a balance between Soft Skills and Hard Skills focused through the Check-In conversation engine to improve their overall leadership and communication skills.

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