Formerly About Me Card

What happened to About Me Card?

Since About Me Card was introduced in 2009, there have been five new upgrades and versions based on client feedback. In it’s original state, an About Me Card was created on paper, by hand. In the end you had your card. Our journey since has taken us to new technologies and new understandings.

For example, we now realize, through much research and collaboration with leaders across the country that the 56-Motivations are far more significant than we thought. These 56-traits are actually dignity traits. They remain highly motivational but the reason they are motivational in nature is they make up one's dignity. This was 18-months of study, research and practice that has resonated with many of you significantly. This focus on dignity is what brings us to call our new 6.0 version dignify.

The word “dignify” is a verb and is what one does with the system. Knowing a person’s dignity and inner strengths allows us to hire right, place right and retain. This decision has not been an easy one - only wet babies like change. I personally struggled with this for several months. However, it is a necessary change to allow people to understand the power of dignity and help them create a dignity-based communication culture.

Why dignify exists.

The answer to employee engagement, retention, healthy communication and productivity is presented into one system, dignify. It is scientifically proven that stress is the reason people quit jobs, departments miss goals and overall company progress is stifled. dignify is a system that leaders use to instill a dignity-based culture which strengthens communication and allows for effective hiring, placing and retaining of good employees. This activity is tracked in the dignify system and has been proven to improve the company's bottom-line results.

How does this affect me?

All information you currently have in About Me Card will be in the new dignify system - it will just be displayed differently. The focus will be more on a person’s dignity (Top 5 Motivations and card info) and less on the country language, though this will still be part of dignify.

New functionality:

  • Easier to send out surveys to new users
  • Better security measures and permission settings
  • Easier editing of company and user information
  • Ability to print multiple snapshots at once (not one by one)
  • Motivational breakdown reports for individuals, departments and company
  • Ability to join multiple accounts

Are you ready to dive into the new dignify experience?