What's New?

We are constantly giving dignity to Dignify! Here is a place for us to tell you what we have been up to and what to look forward to.


New Features
  • New Direct Location/Department Signup Codes
  • Gamification Seasons
  • New Gamification Leaderboards
  • Groups - Searchable and Group Pages
  • Print Multiple Check-ins
  • Reporting - Trophies Earned Tab
  • Email Settings


New Direct Location/Department Signup Codes

There is now an easier way to assign a person to a location/department while they go through the signup process. These direct codes are now referenced in your administration area under Settings > Locations & Departments. Each location and department will have its own extention of the main company code, this allows a quicker signup for the user and piece of mind as you know they will be correctly assigned.


Gamification Seasons

Gamification is proven to increase participation. People deserve to get credit for interacting with the system. Dignify is divided into 'seasons', we call them 'seasons' because the length of time is completely up to you. Your old season will be recorded and in the future you will have the ability to compare 'seasons'. This will reset everyone's scores and trophies back to zero.


New Gamification Leaderboards

We have added leaderboards for each different trophy, you will place differently depending on the points you put in each section. You will see this new area on your dashboard.


Groups - Searchable and Group Pages

Your groups will now be searchable in the search bar at the very top of the site. You can begin to type in the name of your group and you will see it drop down, clicking on it will bring you to a new page that will show all members of that group and their dignify stats. You can also access this new page from the Company > Groups area by clicking on the name of the group you want to view.


Print Multiple Check-ins

It's finally here! You asked for and we delivered! You can now print multiple check-ins, just tick the check-ins you want to print and go down to the "actions" button at the bottom of the table and click on "Print Check-ins".


Reporting - Trophies Earned Tab

Hey all you special administrators out there! The Activity Reporting area now has a new tab for "Trophies Earned". This will show in a table the trophies earned for the month you are searching for.


Email Settings

All you admins out there, we have heard your complaints! We get it, you are busy and don't want to be bothered with tons of emails! There is now an email settings area to turn off currently approval emails. We will expand this area with more settings as more email systems are in place.