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Get your employees on the right seat on the bus, moving in the same direction.

Great results in business come down to a couple of essential factors: executing company initiatives and placing excellent associates in the right seat at your organization. When these powers combine, they are virtually unstoppable.

Get your employees on the right seat on the bus.

Our tool, TalentMax, matches outside applicants and internal associates, who most closely fit the motivations of your current “A” players, to the role you’re seeking to fill. A proprietary algorithm takes the guesswork out of hiring and placing employees.

TalentMax is excellent for both hiring new associates and moving current associates into the ideal role within your organization.

When associates are placed in the correct role, they are more motivated and passionate. Not only can they succeed, but they can exceed their goals—leading to greater results.

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“... just what this team needed to ‘jump-start’ the team’s direction. Team members rated the program as ‘fantastic’ and ‘spot-on’ ... the most effective organizational communication tool I have experienced.”

Brett, Kraft Foods