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Grow passionate associates with a profound connection to your organization.

Dignify provides leaders the tools to build employee engagement through effective, authentic communication that keeps your associates happily returning day after day— increasing retention and productivity.

Open Communication

The Dignify Check-in tool leads two people through a series of questions that prompt a conversation to build trust and get to know each other better.


  • Promote appreciation and understanding between employees
  • Diffuse negative emotions before they build into problems

Employees develop a positive relationship over time, feel more connected, and have a greater chance of engaging in their work world as a result.

Now You’re Speaking My Language

We all speak different “languages.” The Messaging tool takes the daily guesswork out of communicating with people who speak different languages than you do.

When the user selects the person they wish to communicate with, they are presented with a range of words to use that are unique to that person’s communication style. These terms can be used verbally, via email, text, or whatever the preferred method may be.

See how it works.

“... just what this team needed to ‘jump-start’ the team’s direction. Team members rated the program as ‘fantastic’ and ‘spot-on’ ... the most effective organizational communication tool I have experienced.”

Brett, Kraft Foods