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Hold your associates accountable... based on their strengths.

Dignify's Trackify tool is changing the game for companies across the U.S. Trackify drives productivity by holding associates accountable to trackable milestones, based on their unique gifts.

Tracking Progress

How would you like to see all your company’s goals and initiatives tracked in one place? The Trackify tool allows leaders to see the status of large and small goals at a glance.


  • Allows leaders to give ownership of goals to others in the company
  • Allows leaders to track progress without feeling like they are micromanaging their associates
  • Allows associates to feel pride in being given responsibility

Because the goals are determined based on each associate’s strengths, they are uniquely driven to not just complete the tasks in the allotted time, but to exceed the goals and shine at what they do best.

See how it works.

“... just what this team needed to ‘jump-start’ the team’s direction. Team members rated the program as ‘fantastic’ and ‘spot-on’ ... the most effective organizational communication tool I have experienced.”

Brett, Kraft Foods